New Spin on Review Games

What is the challenge with review games? For me, one of the challenges I face is more often than not I have a group of students who dominate the game and another group who are not engaged. I have found that by using Kahoot (iPad friendly as well), I avoid this issue and many times my winner ends up being a student who would not have had the chance to show his/her true understanding in a verbal game.

What is Kahoot? 
-game based
-create your own kahoot game or choose from public games

Great website to use when you want to review for an upcoming test. 
The easiest way to explain Kahoot is to compare the game to your typical sports-bar, trivia game. If you have ever been to a “No Frills Grill” restaurant, they have the game I am talking about. You borrow a device from them, create a username, and answer trivia questions as fast as you can. Similar to this, when you play Kahoot, you earn points for not only answering the question correctly, but for answering it the fastest. I have found that all of my students are engaged in this hands-on, competitive game. 

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