Blogging in an Art Class

Yes. You read that correctly. Blogging in an art class. Why?

Portfolios are not new in an art classroom; however, the way that we create our portfolios can be. Imagine students being able to share their artwork with family members across the nation and being able to do this with a click of a mouse. Our students spend one, nine-week grading period in art in 5th grade, a semester in art in 6th grade and potentially an entire year in art in 7th – 12th grade should they choose it as their artwork. This year, our students will be creating blogs using blogger to act as an online portfolio to showcase their artwork throughout their career as an artist. It will be shared with family members and potentially, colleges or universities.

Students will set up a blogger account to use at school. Blogger accounts can be set up in many different ways:
Public, anyone can view and comment
Public, anyone can view but comments are moderated until published
Private, only people who are invited to read the blog can view the blog

Students will use the blog to publish their work during the beginning, middle and completed stages. They can also reflect on their thought process while creating their artwork. What a great way to create an authentic audience and receive feedback!

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