Edpuzzle Excitement

Awesome, innovative, creative way to take an already made video from the web (think youtube, vimeo…) OR your own video that you have created (educreations, show me…) and deepening students’ learning and understanding by inputing questions throughout the video. To top that off, edpuzzle gives you a class code for each class you create that you can share with you students and it monitors their progress. Instant feedback! As your students watch the video and answer the questions throughout the video, edpuzzle shows them the correct answers instantly. There is also great feedback on the teacher end that lets you know exactly what you need to reteach or review with your students. 

Generally, edpuzzle is created by the teacher to teach and assess students. But how great would it be to have students be the teachers? 
Lesson- Teaching students about the founding of Jamestown. Instead of you finding the youtube video that explains the founding of Jamestown and inputing edpuzzle questions throughout the video, have students find or create Jamestown videos and input edpuzzle questions throughout the videos to then share with their classmates.
Great video on how to create an edpuzzle:

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