From Educreations to Edpuzzle

In an earlier post, I explained the benefits of using edpuzzle and shared the idea of using your own, pre-made videos. However, when working with a teacher on my campus with the idea of taking her educreations videos that she has made in the past and placing them in edpuzzle to add questions throughout her videos, we faced a problem… Educreations and edpuzzle do not communicate. You can’t upload an educreations video as easily as you can a you tube or vimeo video. We did some research and found a way around this issue. 

How to turn an Educreations video into an Edpuzzle

  1. Using your iPad, save educreations video to camera roll.
  2. Open the You Tube “Capture” App and select the video that you saved to your camera roll and give it a name.
  3. Once the video has uploaded, be sure that the privacy is set to public.
  4. Near the top of the screen you will see the link. Click on the link and “copy to clipboard.”
  5. Go to safari and sign in to Edpuzzle.
  6. Click on search and paste the link you copied to the clipboard in the space. (If a screen comes up that says, “Oops! There was a problem with the video,” go back to the capture app and reselect public. Once you reselct public, copy the link to clipboard again. Go back to Edpuzzle and paste.)
  7. Now that the video is uploaded to Edpuzzle, you will need to log on to edpuzzle on a desktop as iPads do not have flash plug ins.

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