Math in a French Classroom Using Socrative

3 – 1 = 2 is usually heard in a math classroom, but not today! Today, you can hear math being used in a French classroom as the students review numbers in French. Cross-curricular teaching right there, ladies and gentlemen! 

I have been working alongside the French teacher to find ways to give her students instant feedback during class time. The 5th graders have been learning their numbers in French and what a better way to do this than by using Socrative? The lesson started out with your simply, “What number is (insert number in French- I don’t speak a lick of French!)?” and the students would respond on Socrative with the correct answer. But then, she turned it up a notch! Instead of simply asking for a direct translation, the teacher forced them to put on their math hats alongside their berets. She would say (Once again, she was speaking in French) “What number is 4 + 5?” Without a tool like Socrative, you would have asked the question, waited for a student to raise his/her hand, and had one student respond. Socrative allows for all students to respond at once without seeing each others’ answers and the teacher instantly knows if the students have mastered the concept or if it needs to be retaught or reviewed.

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