“One-click screen capture recording on Windows or Mac computers with NO INSTALL FOR FREE!” Like music to my ears! I always want to try out new ways to capture teaching but there always seems to be something that has to be installed. 

Screencast-o-matic might be the easiest, most user-friendly screen cast website I have ever used. You literally go to, click start recording and it counts down 3-2-1. You record your screen, webcam or both, save the recording to your computer. Done. And yes, it is truly that easy! We have used screencastomatic many times. Examples:

  • teacher creates a screencast with his/her voice recording a lesson using Microsoft word
  • teacher creates a screencast of a you tube video, pausing to point out important points throughout the video
  • teacher creates a screencast then uploads to edpuzzle to incorporate questions throughout the lesson to check for understanding and give immediate feedback
Other ideas:
  • have students create screencasts to explain a topic taught in class
  • students create screencasts on different topics, then do a “walk around share” where students walk from desk-to-desk watching different screencasts

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