4th Grade Tree Salesperson

4th Grade tree salesperson? Come again?

In 4th grade the students are learning about the different types of trees and how to classify trees based off of their characteristics. Typically, our students research and create a keynote presentation to share with the other students about the tree they chose to research. However, it was time to jazz this puppy up! We decided to give sales a try. Our objectives still include teaching the students how to classify trees and separate the trees into angiosperms or gymnosperms. But… instead of your typical, “Let me tell you about this tree presentation,” where students simply inform us about a tree, they will add the dimension of persuasion to their presentations.

Students will:
-Research the tree
-Create a presentation using the keynote app
-Their goal will be to inform us about their tree from the standpoint of a sales person. In order to accomplish this, they will need to research which climate and environment the tree adapts and grows the best and persuade their audience to buy their tree.
-Come up with a catchy beginning to interest the “customers” (AKA other students in class)
-Add images
-Potentially add videos

I love the idea of this project as it adds in multi dimensions and skills. The project still has the student inform the audience about their “product,” but they also learn the art of sales and persuasion. At the end of all of the presentations, students will vote on which sales person truly persuaded them and which tree they would buy and why. You could use Google Forms to collect the data and then turn it into a graph. Hello, curricular teaching!

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