One More Reason to Love Twitter

Twitter. Hashtags. Tweet. Likes. Re-tweet.

If you are looking for one more reason to love Twitter from a professional standpoint, I have it for you! In my previous blog post I discussed ideas of how to use Edpuzzle in an Elementary Classroom which you can read here. I then tweeted out a message and added the Edpuzzle hashtag to my tweet. Edpuzzle saw my tweet, tweeted me back, and asked if I would be interested in chatting with me and sharing my example with others. I responded and followed up via email. A wonderful lady at Edpuzzle emailed me back and set up a Google Hangout chat that took place yesterday. Turns out, I was speaking with Marta, an Edpuzzle employee, and Quim, the founder and CEO of Edpuzzle! What a cool experience! Marta and Quim were incredibly friendly, professional, and the conversation was extremely easy. We ended up talking for over an hour and discussed how I used Edpuzzle with elementary students, middle school students, how I share ideas with other teachers, and they ran some ideas and updates to Edpuzzle by me and asked for my input. Had I not tweeted about my blog post, the connection with Edpuzzle would never have occured. I challenge you to get out there and tweet! You never know who you will network with and where the tweet could eventually lead you.

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