Google Earth

The time time has come for our 6th graders to learn about Ancient Greece. Instead of just reading about Greece, how about we “visit” Greece this year? That sounds more exciting, engaging, and authentic to me than opening a textbook and reading about how Greece came to be. But how? How can we “visit” Greece from the great state of Texas? Welcome Google Earth!

By using Google Earth, you can virtually fly to anywhere in the world in real time. To learn more about using Google Earth, visit this Google support page

Ideas of how to use Google Earth in the classroom:

  1. When you begin studying a new region within the United States, visit that region to learn about different landmarks.
  2. When students share about their summer, winter and spring vacations, have them share by taking the class on a tour of that location.
  3. Science- When teaching about different parts of the world, coral reef, volcanos and so forth, use google earth to view that part of the world rather than simply talk about it.

Links for ideas of using Google Earth in the classroom:


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