Twitter in Education

In June of 2013, I took the plunge and joined the Twitter nation. Little did I know what impact Twitter would play in my role as an educator. I use Twitter to network, steal ideas (isn’t that what teaching is all about?), share my ideas with the world, ask questions, connect with companies to pose a question and the list goes on and on. (Head over to this post to read about a cool Twitter encounter I had with EdPuzzle. )

If you have not already joined the Twitter nation, I would challenge you with finding your own voice and joining. A few big dos and don’ts for Twitter:

(I used Adobe Spark Post to create the graphic above. Took me less than 10 minutes to create this simple graphic. Great app if you are looking for a way to have your students create some sort of image to explain a concept.) 
I also created this google doc to share 5 different links with you all which includes:
-Twitter for Beginners
-Top 10 Hashtags all Teachers Should Follow
-20 Most Useful Hashtags in Education
-100 Education Twitter Accounts to Follow
-The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education 

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