Providing Student Voice Through Mentimeter

Looking for a way to gauge student understanding, gain input from all students not just your vocal students, or a way to create an active learning experience for all students? Mentimeter might be just what you are looking for!

What is Mentimeter?

Audience interaction system

Why use Mentimeter?

  • Poll students to gauge understanding and engagement level
  • Understand student’s view on subject
  • Get input from all students, especially your quiet, more reserved student
  • Warm-up activities
  • Creates and active learning experience for all students

How can you interact with audience?

  • Multiple choice
  • Image choice
  • Word cloud
  • Quiz
  • Scales
  • Open ended questions
  • Questions from audience
  • 100 points
  • 2 by 2 matrix
  • Who will win?
  • Quick form
  • Quick slides
  • Reactions

Ideas on how to use Mentimeter:

  • One Word Splash: students submit a one-word summary of today’s lesson (note: when setting up question, choose to have results displayed as a word cloud)
  • Word cloud: teacher projects one word on screen (perhaps a vocab word or word related to a novel) and asks students to type first word that comes to mind when you see that word
    • Mentimeter generates a word cloud and the words that were mentioned the most are largest on screen
  • Icebreaker: open class with question to spark discussion relevant to what you will be discussing in class
  • Exit ticket: ask open-ended question to see what students learned that day
  • Check for understanding: ask open-ended or multiple choice questions that align with material you covered in class to see if they understood topic
  • Student choice: allow students to choose next novel or vote on next project
  • 2 Question Trivia (2Q Trivia): students do students watch a quick video for homework (EdPuzzle, screencast, flip grid…) and during your homework video lesson teacher mentions a random fact – where they ate for dinner
    • Next day, use Mentimeter
      • Q1 – random question about where you ate dinner to see if they watched entire video
      • Q2- question about the information they gained from watching video


  • Free version – limited number of questions
    • 2 questions per presentation
    • Unlimited audience size, presentations, quick slides
    • 5 quizzes per presentation
  • Basic version – $7.99/month
    • Unlimited questions per presentation, export and total ownership of data
  • Pro version – $19.99/month
    • Everything unlimited
    • Customize presentations with your brand and logotype

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