Pop-Up PD Approach

PD isn’t always a teacher’s favorite way to spend their time. Which truly brings a tear to my eye; okay maybe a little dramatic, but considering the fact that trainings are one of the best ways to learn new, fun, and innovative tools to use in our classrooms, there has got to be a better way to do PD, right?!

Since providing on-site PD for our teachers is one of my responsibilities, I began to ponder PD on our campus. I wanted PD to be:

  • quick
  • meaningful
  • collaborative
  • not a “sit and get”
  • a time to truly explore the topic at hand

Considering my goals and the culture at our school, I decided that the Pop-Up PD approach would be worth a shot. Every 2-3 weeks I offer two optional Pop-Up PD dates and times. I offer an a.m. option and a p.m. option on the same topic allowing for teachers to pick which time fits best in their schedule. During this meeting I promise a 10 minute timeline to discuss the topic, explore, and share thoughts. I set a timer and stay true to this 10 minute promise to ensure trust and respect of their time. After the 10 minute timer, teachers are welcome to stay and continue chatting, or are welcome to get back to the grind.

When considering topics for the sessions, my goal was to keep it on trend with our expectations of our teachers on our campus. At Oakridge, we have a document titled “The Oakridge Classroom Environment” in which clear expectations of an Oakridge classroom are defined.

The Oakridge Classroom Environment…

  • embraces hands-on learning and authentic experiences.
  • encourages students to find their voices as they develop and share their passions.
  • engages in a meaningful and timely feedback loop.
  • facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences within a global community.
  • fosters digital organization, literacy and citizenship.
  • inspires inquiry, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • nurtures a warm, positive culture based on respect, responsibility and empathy.
  • promotes character development and leadership skills.
  • provides a variety of learning tools and resources, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • supports a blend of established and progressive teaching methods

Click here to read about my first Pop-Up PD session.

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